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Madrid: Ladies of the Evening.

Madrid. Summer of 200*.

This was a very particular sort of trip. The kind of trip where the girl who agreed to meet you in suddenly get pangs of conscience about meeting a guy in Madrid, alone, while a boyfriend stays behind. She had arrived last week: and after noticing her visible discomfort with this decision- I tried to play it off. To tell her that we didn't have to do anything naughty if she didn't feel like it. Just, you know... See the city- have a few drinks? But she would have none of it.

Deciding to spend the whole vacation jogging, eating granola all day and turning in at 6 in the evening- this was most unpleasant. So I gave her up as ´lost at sea´ and decided to have a good time on my own: which is not always easy when you are in a new city with no one you know.

To top it all off, this evening was a particularly hot, sweaty kind of evening. Every Madrid girl was decked out full regalia: ready to met their boyfriend and have a great time. There was laughter and groups of young people laughing on the streets: an dI felt like they all laughed me: stalking the streets with the expression of a sour donkey and nervously smoking pack after pack of Marlboro cigarettes and drinking sangria.

However- the lord does not like to torture

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