Starting with Dr Proktors Animals You WIsh Didn´t Exist, Pjotr Sapegin,  Kristin Gunther and myself started Norwegian Toolbox AS: a company intended for the creation and management of larger, common projects. Featured below are our ventures as well as other, unrelated works.

Dr Proktor´s Animals You Wish Didn´t Exist

              Original Idea- JøNesbø

Publisher- Askehoug AS

Commercial Agency- TRY AS

Production Company- Norwegian Toolbox AS

Art&Execution- Pjotr Sapegin, Kristin Gunther Fedor Sapegin and Liliana Swirska



Front page of gallery- the rhino frog: by Fedor Sapegin

This exhibition was based on the universe of Jø Nesbø´s children´s books series- Dr Proktor. Consisting of 25 imaginary monsters, the exhibition, crafted by NTB, first openend at the Norwegian Museum of Natural HIstory in 2011. Having been seen by every second child in Oslo, the exhibition was redesigned to travel and is currently on tour in Norway with Sweden, Denmark and Germany next on the list.

The Last Norwegian Troll (dir. Pjotr Sapegin)

              Original Idea- Pjotr Sapegin

Production Company- KinoPravda AS

Director-  Pjotr Sapegin

 Lighting+set-  Janna Hansen,

Producer-  Gry Nosterdal,

Art- Pjotr Sapegin, Liliana Swirska and Fedor Sapegin 



Gallery Pictures: the puppets i executed for the film

This film, made by my father in late 2011, is based on the ´Bokkene Bruse´ Norwegian folk adventure. It is a story about a troll who gets tricked into defeat by three very smart goats. What the folk tale doesn´t tell, however- is that the troll is the last of his kind and the goats- mean mobbers. Told from the troll´s perspective, it is the tale of the death of magic, the loss of the old and the ruthlessness of the modern world.

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