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I have studied, taught and worked as an illustrator, sculptor, storyboard artist and graphic novelist for over 15 years. Notable works include illustrations of the 22nd july trial  for  Dagbladet, storyboards films like Hodejegerne and  Amundsen, the co-creation of the Doctor Proktor´s ´Monsters You Wish Didn´t Exist ´and more recently,  the illustration of ´Tail Finn Heroes´for the Norwegian airlines fleet.



Fedor Sapegin,


Mariboes Gate 11, Oslo, Norway

+47 40494170

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Norwegian Toolbox AS

Co-Owned Production Company
Kristin Gunther, Pjotr Sapegin, Fedor Sapegin 
org.  987 842 822 MVA
Sapegin Drawn & Sculpted
Personal Company
Fedor Sapegin 
+47 40494170

org. 896 030 302


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