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This section is reserved for Graphic Novels: both completed and under production. Please scroll down the list below for a preview.

*Currently in production*


Below: pre-production sketches. 

Adaptation of Original Work ´Gargantua & Pantagruel`(1535) by Francois Rabelais.

Ink on Paper. Color. 100-150 Pages



Granguzié the Giant King has recently become father to a baby boy: the Humongous Gargantua. Worried about his education he puts him under the care of several court scientists, lawyers and wise men. Unfortunatley- these experts turn out to be total idiots and nearly turn the boy into a fool.


When Gargantua demonstrates the idiocy he has learned from these  ́wise men ́ in an oratory battle against the young Epistemon, the King fires the professors and sends him off to be reeducated.


So begins Gargantua ́s journey into the World. Training first in the country where he learns physical health and philosophy, then the city where he attends University, Gargantua the Giant enters places where men, in their folly, have lost their way. Lawyers who squabble over specs of sand, Professors so caught up in  ́Academia ́ that they debate through grimaces and violent thugs all find out that, though gentle- Gargantua is not above divine retribution.


Gathering a circle of philosophers, brawlers, gamblers and generally handsome and well adjusted fellows, he travels from town to town learning all he can. And thank the heavens too, for when an army of Giants lands in his father´s kingdom, he will need all his friends and knowledge to defeat them.






Ink on Paper. Color. 200 Pages

    Publisher: Minuskel Forlag


A collection of scenes, interviews and travel notes from the Ukrainian Civil War and new Cold War (collected from 2013 to 2017)

Following my travels to Ukraine´s warring Eastern and West territories during the Euro-Madian revolution and the ensuing Civil war- this book traces the conflicts main events and interviews some of the people involved. 

The book is, for the moment, available ONLY IN NORWEGIAN. News related to an english print will be updated in the coming months.



*Completed Nov 2013*


Ink on Paper. Color. 120 Pages

    Publisher: Jippi Forlag


A family drama set in pre-revolutionary Russia, Machine is the story of engineer Leon Orlov- creator of the first armored train.


Runaway son and heir to Orlov Industries, the last 

non-military industrial complex in wartime Russia, Lieutenant Leon Orlov suddenly receives news of his father´s death. 


Where the Old Man saw shame, Leon sees opportunity and accepts the challenge: to turn a rotting locomotive factory into a war machine.


But- heavy lies the crown. As Leon struggles to keep his moral highground he realizes that what he thought to be a battle for the Motherland is nothing more than a single man´s bid for ultimate power.



First of a projected trilogy,  Machine is a fiction based on true events: exploring the 

climate and characters which will 

ultimately lead the country to a bloody Civil War.


The book is available ONLY IN NORWEGIAN & SPANISH, and is in the process of finding an english publisher. Related news will be announced in the months ahead.



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